Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission at Lushgreen Kodaikanal is to provide a memorable and enchanting experience for our guests, immersing them in the natural beauty of Kodaikanal while offering exceptional hospitality and personalized service. We strive to be recognized as one of the best resorts in Kodaikanal and the preferred choice for those seeking a cozy and comfortable homestay.


Extraordinary Experiences

Our vision is to be the leading resort and homestay in Kodaikanal, known for our breathtaking valley views, spacious rooms, warm hospitality, and commitment to sustainability.

We aim to create an unforgettable stay for our guests, leaving them with cherished memories of their time in Kodaikanal.

Our Core Values

 A premier resort and homestay in Kodaikanal. Breathtaking valley views, spacious rooms, warm hospitality. Creating memories with unique experiences. Committed to sustainability. The perfect choice for an unforgettable stay amidst nature’s beauty.