Green Valley View (Suicide Point)

Exploring Green Valley View (Suicide Point): Kodaikanal’s Breathtaking Viewpoint

A Majestic Vista: Green Valley View, formerly known as Suicide Point, is one of the most stunning viewpoints in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. It offers a panoramic view of the verdant valleys, the plains below, and the Vaigai Dam. Renowned for its breathtaking scenery, Green Valley View attracts tourists and nature enthusiasts from around the globe.

Historical Background and Formation

Origins and Name Change:

  • Historical Significance: The viewpoint was originally called Suicide Point due to the steep and dangerous drop that led to tragic incidents. However, to promote a more positive image and encourage tourism, it was renamed Green Valley View.
  • Development: The viewpoint has been a popular spot since the colonial era when British officials and residents frequented Kodaikanal for its cool climate and scenic beauty. Over the years, it has been developed with better access roads and safety measures to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

Mystical Tales:

  • Tragic Legends: The old name, Suicide Point, stemmed from local stories of heartbroken lovers and despondent individuals who ended their lives by jumping off the cliff. These tales, while somber, add a layer of mystery to the viewpoint.
  • Spiritual Beliefs: Some locals believe that the area is watched over by benevolent spirits who protect the visitors and maintain the natural beauty of the place.

Attractions at Green Valley View

Why Visit Green Valley View:

  • Spectacular Views: The viewpoint offers an unparalleled view of the lush valleys, rolling hills, and the distant Vaigai Dam. On clear days, the sight is simply mesmerizing.
  • Serene Atmosphere: The tranquility of the place, combined with the fresh mountain air, provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Activities for Visitors:

  • Photography: Green Valley View is a photographer’s paradise. The panoramic views and the lush green landscape provide excellent opportunities for stunning photographs.
  • Nature Walks: Visitors can take leisurely walks around the viewpoint, exploring the rich flora and fauna of the region.
  • Local Market: Near the viewpoint, there are stalls selling local handicrafts, souvenirs, and snacks, adding a cultural touch to the visit.

Exploring More of Kodaikanal:

  • Pillar Rocks: A short drive from Green Valley View, these three vertical granite boulders stand tall and offer another spectacular viewpoint.
  • Bryant Park: A beautifully maintained botanical garden featuring a variety of plants, flowers, and trees.
  • Kodaikanal Lake: A serene, star-shaped lake where visitors can enjoy boating, cycling, and horse riding.

Distance from Lushgreen Kodaikanal Homestay

Convenient Access:

  • Distance: Green Valley View is approximately 5 km from Lushgreen Kodaikanal Homestay.
  • Transportation: The viewpoint is easily accessible by a short drive or a bike ride, making it convenient for guests staying at the homestay.
Why Visit Green Valley View?

Benefits of Visiting:

  • Reconnect with Nature: The viewpoint offers an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature and enjoy the pristine beauty of Kodaikanal’s landscape.
  • Mental Well-being: The serene environment and the breathtaking views contribute to mental relaxation and stress relief.
  • Physical Activity: Walking and exploring the area provide good physical exercise, contributing to overall health and fitness.

Green Valley View in Kodaikanal is more than just a scenic spot; it is a place of tranquility, natural beauty, and a touch of mystery. Whether you are a nature lover, a photographer, or someone seeking peace and quiet, this viewpoint has something to offer. Its proximity to Lushgreen Kodaikanal Homestay makes it an easily accessible and must-visit destination for anyone staying in Kodaikanal.