Kodaikanal Lake: A Historical Gem in the Heart of the Hills

Kodaikanal Lake
Kodaikanal Lake

Nestled amidst the rolling slopes of the Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal Lake is not just a natural attraction but a piece of history reflecting the charm of Kodaikanal. Often the first stop for many visitors, this man-made lake has a storied past and continues to be a central hub for tourism and relaxation.

The Creation of Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake, often simply called Kodai Lake, was created in 1863 by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, the then Collector of Madurai, who commissioned the marshy land to be converted into a lake. He sourced funds from his own resources to create this magnificent lake amidst the woods. The lake was intended to enhance the beauty and functionality of the new hill station and has since become an iconic spot for visitors and locals alike.

Features of Kodaikanal Lake

Spanning approximately 60 acres, this star-shaped lake is encircled by a 5-kilometer long paved path that invites tourists and locals for leisurely walks, horse riding, and cycling. The lush greenery surrounding the lake enhances its beauty, making it a photographer’s delight. Boating, a popular activity here, allows visitors to enjoy the serene waters and view the surrounding hills from a different perspective.

Cultural and Ecological Significance

Kodaikanal Lake plays a vital role in the ecosystem and cultural fabric of the region. It hosts numerous floral and faunal species. The lake area becomes particularly lively during the summer months when the Kodaikanal Boat Club hosts boat pageants and flower shows, drawing crowds from across India.

Lushgreen Kodaikanal: Your Gateway to Exploring Kodaikanal Lake

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Why Stay at Lushgreen Kodaikanal?

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Whether you’re paddling across the tranquil waters, enjoying a leisurely walk, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, Kodaikanal Lake is a must-visit landmark. And for those seeking a cozy, convenient place to stay, Lushgreen Kodaikanal offers the perfect combination of accessibility to the lake and a peaceful hillside retreat. Make your trip to Kodaikanal a memorable one by experiencing both the historical charm of the lake and the contemporary comfort of Lushgreen Kodaikanal.

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